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There are lives a signature can save

Every 21 seconds.

A life is lost to

a preventable disease.

A life that

could have been saved.

That is why

Gavi is establishing

the optimal condition to

deliver vaccines.

Cooperating with

The World Bank, WHO, UNICEF

and member countries,

to build a delivery network

to ensure that

no one is left behind.

Now Gavi has started

to take action

to tackle COVID-19

We are gathering

your support through

this petition.

We believe that

when voices gather

they make a strong voice.

A strong power..

Let us rewrite our future,

let us start

from our generation.

Gavi's Goal

Every 21 seconds. A life is lost to a preventable disease. Gavi is taking actions to ensure everybody gets access to vaccines that can end these preventable diseases.

Each year 1.5 million lives are lost to vaccine preventable diseases. Gavi has delivered vaccines to 760 million people and prevented the death of 13 million people. Gavi aims to deliver vaccines to a total of 1,100 million people and save 22 million lives by 2025.

What Gavi Does

Deliver vaccines to people that need them

The Vaccine Alliance uses its experience, partnerships, and infrastructure for delivering vaccines to ensure that vaccines reach the people and countries that need them.

Actions towards COVID-19

To tackle COVID-19, a global threat, Gavi will assist the development of a scalable vaccine and utilize its vaccine delivery network to end this threat as soon as possible.

Creating the optimal condition for scalable vaccine development

Identify potential scalable vaccines from candidates, and support* its development.
* What kind of support?
By pooling demand from individual countries , Gavi is able to reduce the cost of vaccines and support mass production by pharmaceutical companies.
Gather funding and provide funds to medical institutions for vaccine delivery.
Work with countries and private sectors to speed up the development and delivery process of the vaccines, and ensure their delivery to high priority areas,
In addition to countries and private sectors, possibly utilize ‘vaccine bonds’ to allow governments to raise immediate funds from the bond markets.
*Vaccine Bonds use long-term pledges from governments to allow the International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm) to raise urgent funds for Gavi projects on the capital markets.

Utilize the network Gavi has created to deliver vaccines to people around the world

In the past there have been cases where once a vaccine was created, developed countries purchased vaccines and the developing countries which needed the vaccines most were not able to obtain them. In order to prevent such a case, Gavi will utilize its expertise and know-how to take action to deliver vaccines to everyone.

Prevention measures to minimize the Global scale diseases like COVID-19

Identify and take action against diseases like COVID-19 at an early stage by investing in healthcare systems in poorer countries that are particularly vulnerable to such diseases.
Education of medical staff, as well as supplying medical equipment and vaccines.

Future Action

To stop losing lives to preventable diseases. To solve the COVID-19 crisis as soon as possible. To prevent the expansion of future diseases like COVID-19. Gavi is gathering funds from countries and private sectors.
The funds will be used to deliver vaccines against diseases like measles, yellow fever and Japanese encephalitis to a total of 1,100 million people to save 22 million lives by 2025. Gavi will also assist the scalable development and delivery of a COVID-19 vaccine
Since 2011, Japan has saved the lives of many children by supporting Gavi, and through this petition we aim to ask the Japanese government for further funding to support Gavi.

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